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Frank G. Bottone, Jr., B.A, M.S., Ph.D., LDN is a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist (LDN) in North Carolina. Dr. Bottone received his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in nutrition biochemistry from the interdepartmental program in nutrition at the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS), North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC where his research focused on the cancer chemo-preventive effects of dietary compounds in red wine, soy, and garlic, and various pharmaceutical compounds. While at NCSU and as a biologist at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), Dr. Bottone published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles including 5 first author articles in journals such as The Journal of Biological Chemistry, The Journal of Nutrition, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, and Carcinogenesis and the corresponding author of a cardiovascular drug safety article appearing in Current Medical Research and Opinion.

Before receiving his Ph.D. degree, Dr. Bottone graduated with his Master of Science degree in Biology from Old Dominion University, in Norfolk, VA, and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Virginia Wesleyan College, in Virginia Beach, VA. Dr. Bottone has received numerous awards including the 2006 Distinguished Alumni Award from the VWC Alumni Association, an honor held by fellow alum Bob Valvano. He received the distinguished 2005 Kenneth R. Keller Research Award for excellence in research and the 2005 Nancy G. Pollock Graduate School Dissertation Award for outstanding scholarly research each from North Carolina State University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Over the past 15 years, He has published over a dozen magazine and newspaper articles in such magazines as Muscle and Fitness and Men’s Health. Dr. Bottone originates from Fair Haven, NJ graduating from Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School.

Previous Works

Dr. Bottone’s previous book, a science and nature experiment book for children entitled The Science of life: Projects and Principles for Beginning Biologists (ISBN: 1-55652-382-3; published by Chicago Review Press, was named to Smithsonian Magazine’s Notable Books for Children, 2001.


Reviews regarding The Science of life: Projects and Principles for Beginning Biologists.


Kathleen Burke, Smithsonian Magazine, November 2001. “At once a lively introduction to the scientific method and a survey of hands-on experiments, this outstanding overview touches on important concepts in botany, bacteriology, molecular biology, mycology, microbiology and more.”

Science News, January 19, 2002, “In all, this is a serious but enjoyable book that illustrates the subtle ways in which biology affects our lives every day.”

Today’s Librarian, book reviews, June 2001, p41: “Bottone’s straightforward style is great for young people serious about science. The chapters are easy to understand but introduce solid scientific concepts with terminology.”

Cindy Jones, appearing in The Bloomsbury Review magazine, December 2001, p26: “The Science of Life provides 24 well-explained, interesting, biological science fair projects...” “The language in The Science of Life is very easy to understand without being oversimplified.”                           

Pamela Longbrake, Librarian, Sellers Middle School, Garland, TX, appearing in The Book Report, December 2001, p82: “What makes this a better than average book is that the author has anticipated some of the problems young experimenters may have and gives practical suggestions on how to avoid them.”

Maren Ostergard, Bellevue Regional Library, appearing in School Library Journal magazine, November 2001: “While the activities are fascinating and educational, some of the items may be difficult to track down, so Bottone has provided a list of suppliers. The volume provides a thorough introduction to this area of science and would be useful in most collections.”

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Articles written by Frank G. Bottone, Jr., PhD appearing in
Muscle and Fitness (below left) and Men’s Fitness (below right).

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