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Despite the fact that there are numerous diet plans on the market today, it is clear that there is something fundamental missing from those plans because they do not seem to meet the needs of most dieters with overweight and obesity on the rise. Certainly the accessibility of inexpensive and often high caloric foods of questionable nutritional value is partly to blame. Combined, these factors might explain why you or someone you know has had difficulty adhering to or maintaining their weight loss goals with any given diet plan. It seems as if these programs were created without the people who follow them in mind. The one thing missing from these plans is convenience.


If dieting was simple and easy to do, you probably would agree that more people would stick more closely to their diet. Traditional (not fad) diet plans are based on a variety of perfectly valid scientific and/or common sense principles such as eating a low calorie diet, low fat diet, portion control, and meal replacement plans. Yet most of you would likely agree that you do not have the time, money, or patience to follow them for the time required to reach your weight loss goals. This is because eating preplanned meals from a cardboard box, eating every meal at home, or preparing two or three meals per day from scratch is not practical given your hectic lifestyle or perhaps even more commonly, you simply cannot afford the meals. In other words, these plans are overly complex and highly restrictive. As a result, they are difficult to follow and over time they become ignored.

Many of the newer diet plans focus on educating you on the importance of a balanced diet, portion control, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While these plans attempt to have a long lasting impact by teaching diet goers such as yourself how to eat right, plans such as these are hard to put into practice in everyday life thus they are severely limited. This is because every one of us is constantly being exposed to different food choices on an hour-by-hour, day-to-day, and week-to-week basis. Plus, we each have different eating habits making a cookie-cutter diet plan overly restrictive and often impractical, which is why an educational diet plan that allows you to eat regular food items such as this can work even over the long-term. We are all faced with new and unique dieting challenges on a daily basis and need a plan that applies to real-life situations across a variety of circumstances.

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The Diet Denominator: Fill Your Tank for Less is a unique new diet plan based on sound science but designed for your hectic lifestyle. This book will provide you with a simple and easy way to learn how to evaluate food options at home, in the grocery store, and even while eating at fast food restaurants so that you can consume fewer calories while choosing foods that you enjoy.


The Diet Denominator: Fill Your Tank for Less is an energy density (volumetrics) diet plan with an exciting new twist that makes this plan practical and easy to incorporate into your everyday routine. With The Diet Denominator, it is not the amount of food that you eat, but the energy density of the foods that you choose that will enable you to achieve your weight loss or maintenance goals. As a result, with this plan, you can eat the same – or even more – food without gaining weight. The secret is consuming fewer calories while eating foods that make you feel full (discussed in the chapter on satiety).

Thus, with this diet, there are no more fancy diets, special meals, taking potentially unsafe diet pills, or depriving yourself of all the food choices you desire. If you are an adult, parent, adolescent, or teen, this book is sure to help you or a loved one learn how to make informed food choices and become a part of your everyday life because it is easy to follow, implement, and apply no matter what your lifestyle.


This book is designed with you, the dieter, in mind. Importantly, this book is written at a level that is easy to understand while containing bonus sections titled “Did you know?”, “Diet Denominator facts”, “Take home messages”, and “Want to learn more?” ideal for the more advanced reader or for those that want a deeper understanding of the material. This makes it easy for you to distill what you really need to learn from what you will want to learn. Before you are introduced to The Diet Denominator, let’s start by introducing you to why there is such a need for a completely unique diet plan.

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All you need is the Nutrition Facts panel on your food item. Take a look at the sample chart below. See book for details.

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